The CrossNotes ensemble for Blood-n-Fire

CrossNotes Classical Charity Concert

The CrossNotes ensemble is tuning and warming up again! Get a ticket for ‘Every piece plays its part’, an evening of top notch classical music in the monumental Noorderkerk in the heart of Amsterdam.

Expect an evening of pieces from composers including Handel, Bruch, Ravel, Doppler and Franck. All proceeds go to Blood-n-Fire, a small charity working in the red light district. Tickets (€ 15 euros or more) are available here!

The Classical Charity Concert at the Noorderkerk is becoming a Crossroads tradition. Every winter a group of musicians (both professional and amateur) from Crossroads take up their instruments and warm the
massive Noorderkerk in Amsterdam playing classical compositions from the past three centuries.

This fourth edition ‘every piece plays its part’ will have 7 musicians, all donating rehearsals and an evening of fine music, highly enjoyable for both those know the classics and novices.

The atmosphere in the Noorderkerk is something special, as anyone can tell you who has ever visited a CrossNotes concert. In 2010 the city was ground to a halt by a snow storm, but that didn’t stop those who’d bought tickets and several spontaneous visitors from finding their way to the snow-covered Noorderkerk, an evening that is still talked about. Let yourself be surprised at ‘Every piece plays its part’.

Tickets are for sale here or between Sunday services (11-11, 18-11 and 25-11) in the lobby at Crossroads.

What:    CrossNotes ‘Every piece plays its part’
When:   December 1, 19:30
Where:  Noorderkerk Amsterdam
Tickets: On the Crossroads website, € 15 (or more)






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